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Report as of 12/31/2019


responsible investing report

Welcome to the Riverbridge 2019 Responsible
Investing Report.

This report reinforces Riverbridge’s proud commitment to responsible investing. But it is also important to us to note that our commitment to responsible investing predates the more recent attention this term has gained in the investment space. For Riverbridge, responsible investing—and the corollary concept of ESG investing—is not an approach we have adopted as a recent add-on to our offerings or in response to market demand. Rather, responsible investing is a longstanding bedrock of how we see the very purpose of companies and capital markets.

Riverbridge invests in companies that are working to add enduring value to the lives of the people and communities they serve. They are companies with a culture of continuous improvement, reducing costs, and minimizing waste so as to fuel growth. They innovate in ways that minimize environmental impact and amplify human flourishing. These companies aren’t just creating stock market value; they are creating true, sustainable value.

This is the dual nature that makes responsible investing so powerful: the practices creating more sustainable communities are the very same practices generating sustainable returns over long periods of time. At Riverbridge, we proudly embrace responsible investing as the right thing to do for clients—and the right thing to do for the world.

Mark Thompson

Chief Manager

Rick Moulton

Portfolio Manager, Eco Leaders