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Welcome & Introduction

Thank you for your interest in the Riverbridge 2021 Responsible Investing Report.

At Riverbridge, our work every day is grounded in our purpose as a firm: to further human flourishing. We believe humans are meant to flourish—not just survive but thrive, not just exist but expand. And we believe business can be a powerful vehicle to serve the flourishing of people in ways that build a better world for all of us. Identifying companies with this commitment is what drives our enduring commitment to responsible investing.

Responsible investing is not new to Riverbridge. For 35 years, responsible investing has been a foundational element of our investment philosophy. We believe strong long-term investing is synonymous with responsible investing. Sustainable value creation is built by companies looking to maximize their long-term positive impact—and we believe that this cannot be done without a prevailing vision to improve the lives and prospects of people.

In 2021, unprecedented business disruption and market distortions continued to have had an outsized influence on the financial markets. But despite an ongoing pandemic and the return of inflation, 2021 also reminded us of the resilience of the market and that a long-term view—in business and in life—is grounded in having a purpose.

Riverbridge seeks companies marked by purpose and innovation. We look to invest in companies with cultures of continuous improvement and a zeal to solve problems creatively. We look to invest in companies striving to reduce their environmental footprint and maximize their energy efficiency. Companies seeking to expand opportunities for health, education, equity, and advancement. We believe these are the companies positioned to further the flourishing of individuals, communities, and the world—for generations to come.

Riverbridge is proud to embrace responsible investing as foundational to our purpose and mindset. This was true long before ESG offerings grew in demand by investors—and it will remain true of how we invest into the future. To us, that’s what it means to invest with endurance. It’s a privilege to do this to serve the best interests of our clients—and the world we are building together.

Mark Thompson

Chief Manager

Rick Moulton

Lead Portfolio Manager

Ross Johnson

Lead Portfolio Manager

Riverbridge Responsible Investing Report 2020