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Welcome & Introduction

Welcome to the Riverbridge 2020 Responsible Investing Report.

In terms of both global events and capital markets, 2020 was a volatile year. But 2020 also proved a salient time to reflect on the importance of what remains true and lasting in the face of major disruption. At Riverbridge, our firm’s mission every day is to “invest with endurance.” This represents our unwavering commitment to invest in innovative companies with fundamentals that position them to keep building across market cycles. 

A proud commitment to responsible investing is an important way we demonstrate our endurance mindset. For Riverbridge, responsible investing is not a recent add-on or singular product offering; it is part of our longtime, foundational point of view on investing and value creation. Likewise, it aligns with the obligation we feel as long-term investors to invest in true, sustainable change rather than exploit short-term trends or superficial optics. Beyond just “making” responsible investments, we strive to be responsible investors in how we serve the long-term good of our clients and the world we are building together. 

Riverbridge invests in companies that are working to add enduring value to the lives of people and communities. These are companies with a prevailing purpose that keeps them grounded as they embrace change and innovate toward new solutions. They have cultures of continuous improvement, eager to find new ways of minimizing environmental impact and maximizing human potential. These companies are creating services and solutions that make the world a better place— now and for generations to come. 

The practices creating more sustainable communities are the very same practices generating sustainable returns over long periods of time. At Riverbridge, we proudly embrace responsible investing as the right thing to do for clients—and the right thing to do for the world. 

Mark Thompson

Chief Manager

Rick Moulton

Lead Portfolio Manager

Ross Johnson

Lead Portfolio Manager

Riverbridge Responsible Investing Report 2020