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A commitment to responsible investing permeates our fundamental approach.

At Riverbridge, responsible investing is a mindset that grounds how we invest.

As an expression of our unchanging investment philosophy, Riverbridge holdings have core business practices that prioritize Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. 

Our commitment to responsible investing is manifested not only in the nature of our holdings but in our everyday practice. To us, short-sighted trading activity is not responsible investing. We are true investors who own companies for long periods of time in the pursuit of building sustainable value. 

Since 1987, Riverbridge has served clients with a singular, timeless investment approach that focuses on companies with the fundamentals that position them to outlast market cycles. Our commitment is to invest with endurance. 


Riverbridge believes earnings power determines the value of a franchise. We invest in high-quality growth companies that possess the ability to build their earnings power at above-average rates for long periods of time. We define earnings power as companies achieving high returns on invested capital while possessing an enduring strategic advantage in their marketplace. We build portfolios by identifying and buying well-managed companies we believe can maintain consistent unit growth and strong free cash flow, allowing them to finance their growth using internally generated sources of capital. 

Our investment strategy

Our investment strategy bridges human insight with data analysis to identify companies that demonstrate the building blocks of our philosophy: 

  • Sound culture and management
  • Strong unit growth
  • Strategic market position
  • Internally financed growth
  • Conservative accounting
Riverbridge Responsible Investing Report 2020