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At Riverbridge, we believe responsible investing is deploying capital in ways that further human flourishing.

As long-term investors, Riverbridge pursues companies leading the way to build a better future for all of us.

We look for companies that further human flourishing in ways such as:

  • meeting human needs in innovative ways
  • creating resource efficiencies
  • elevating the potential of people

We believe these kinds of companies are not just responsible investments, they are compelling business investments. Their mindset for sustainability and long-term impact make them thoughtful stewards of resources and capital—which also positions them to keep building their earnings power and intrinsic value over time.

Human flourishing is not something that can be accomplished “for” people. But companies can innovate in ways that eliminate the kinds of inequalities, inefficiencies, and injustices that hinder human flourishing. As they do, true value can be created for industries and people.

At Riverbridge, we pursue the leaders doing exactly that.

Riverbridge at a glance
  • Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN
  • 35+ Year Track Record
  • Time-tested investment approach
  • Long-term investment team – 10+ years working together
  • Majority of firm employees are shareholders
  • Investment centric culture
Riverbridge Responsible Investing Report 2020