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Riverbridge Eco Leaders®

Over the 22-year track record of the Eco Leaders® Portfolio, investors have enjoyed compelling risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle while also investing in ways that align with their values and demonstrate responsible investing-minded practices.

Long-term performance vs. Benchmark
Inception through 12/31/2022

eco leaders graph
Periods greater than one year are annualized; Performance related information is presented as supplemental information to the compliant presentation included herein. Inception Date: 05/31/2000.

Impact Metrics

Lower Carbon Risk*

The Eco Leaders® Portfolio has 53.5% lower carbon risk than the Russell 3000 Growth®


The Eco Leaders® Portfolio earned a 7.43 ESG Quality Score and an overall ESG Rating of AA from MSCI

Exposure to Businesses In:*

  • Fossil Fuels
    No exposure to companies that own fossil fuel reserves
  • Tobacco
    No exposure to tobacco producers as well as tobacco distributors, suppliers, and retailers
  • Gambling
    No exposure to gambling-facility operators as well as support products & services
  • Weapons
    No exposure to companies with ties to the manufacture of conventional (including depleted uranium), biological/chemical, or nuclear weapons systems and components
  • Civilian Firearms
    No exposure to companies that manufacture or distribute firearms and small arms ammunitions for civilian markets
*©2022 MSCI ESG Research LLC. Reproduced by permission; no further distribution. MSCI ESG Research is an independent provider of ESG data, reports and ratings based on published methodologies and is available to clients on a subscription basis. MSCI receives subscription compensation from Riverbridge in connection with the above findings. ESG Quality Score range is 0 – 10 and ESG Ratings range is CCC to AAA. Please see disclosures for additional rating information. Results were obtained 1/16/2023 and are based on the strategy holdings as of 12/31/2022.
ESG Snapshot: Examples of Responsible Investing Characteristics in Action
  • Provides resource conservation solutions
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Optimizes physical assets to reduce environmental impact
  • Exercises responsible waste-management practices
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Utilizes renewable energy

Analog Devices’ (ADI) offerings provide customers with the ability to consume less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gasses.

Owned in Eco Leaders since 2017

Analog Devices is a global semiconductor company that provides solutions that make its customers’ products more efficient across the automotive, connectivity and data, aerospace, industrial, and digital healthcare industries.

Analog Devices’ commitment to environmental responsibility can be seen in the following ways:

  • Analog Devices expertise and battery management system create high performing and safe energy storage systems that capture and store renewable energy in times of low energy demand for use in times of peak load demand.
  • Since electronic vehicles rely on battery management systems to get more milage out of batteries, more accurate and efficient battery management systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 100M Co2e were avoided in 2021 from vehicles equipped with Analog Devices’ battery management system technology.

  • Invests in employee development and advancement
  • Enables greater economic participation
  • Expands healthcare access
  • Improves healthcare outcomes
  • Values diversity
  • Enhances public safety

Danaher’s (DHR) Life Sciences and Diagnostics businesses improve patient treatment outcomes and care.

Owned in Eco Leaders since 2019

Danaher is a conglomerate of over 20 operating companies driving innovation in diagnostics, life sciences, water quality, and product identification.

Danaher’s commitment to social responsibility can be seen in the following ways:

  • Danaher’s Life Sciences businesses enable leading-edge research that help scientists to understand causes of diseases and infections, identify treatments, and test new drugs and vaccines. For example, Danaher’s Leica Microsystems business provides an integrated digital imaging platform that allows researchers to produce microscopy images 30% faster than conventional microscopy workflows.
  • Danaher’s Diagnostics businesses improve diagnostic confidence through preventive and predictive care. They also streamline laboratory workflows to support healthcare professionals in administering better patient care. For example, Danaher’s HemoCue business provides lab-accurate, point-of-care testing to detect anemia, allowing clinicians to provide corrective treatment to patients more promptly.

  • Demonstrates management integrity
  • Incentivizes management team to prioritize long-term metrics
  • Sets sustainable goals with accountability and tracking
  • Maintains strong balance sheet that allows flexibility and discourages shortcuts
  • Reinvests in business for future benefits

West Pharmaceutical Services (WST) consistently reinvests into its business to support innovation and meet consumer demand.

Owned in Eco Leaders since 2017

West designs and manufactures packaging components and delivery systems for injectable medical products.

West’s commitment to governance responsibility can be seen in the following ways:

  • West is investing in the research and development of its High-Value Products to meet increased consumer demand, particularly in its Biologics segment that packages solutions for sensitive molecules and self-injection technologies.
  • West invested over $400M of capital across its global network to expand capacity at 13 existing sites, modify 110 major facilities, and acquire equipment and tooling, creating billions of units of increased capacity.
  • West launched a new R&D partnership with leading specialty glass company Corning, which will lead to future innovation.

Mention of companies/stocks herein is for illustrative purposes only. Please see Disclosures Section for additional information. 
Riverbridge Responsible Investing Report 2020