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responsible investing report

Eco Leaders®: An Offering for responsible investors

Our Eco Leaders® strategy has demonstrated that enduring performance and responsible impact go hand in hand.

Over the 20-year track record of Eco Leaders®, investors have enjoyed proven risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle while also investing in ways that align with their values.

Long-term performance vs. Benchmark
Inception through 12/31/2019

Periods greater than one year are annualized; Performance related information is presented as supplemental information to the compliant presentation included herein. Inception Date: 05/31/2000.

Impact metrics

lower carbon risk*

The Eco Leaders® Portfolio has 68% lower carbon risk than the S&P 500


The Eco Leaders® Portfolio earned a 6.8 ESG Quality Score and an overall ESG Rating of A from MSCI


exposure to
businesses in:*

fossil fuels /  No exposure to companies that own fossil fuel reserves

tobacco /  No exposure to tobacco producers as well as tobacco distributors, suppliers, and retailers

alcohol /  No exposure to alcohol producers as well as alcohol distributors, suppliers, and retailers

gambling /  No exposure to gambling facility operators as well as support products & services

weapons /  No exposure to companies with ties to the manufacture of conventional (including depleted uranium), biological/chemical, or nuclear weapons systems and components

CIVILIAN FIREARMS /  No exposure to companies that manufacture or distribute firearms and small arms ammunitions for civilian markets

*©2020 MSCI ESG Research LLC.  Reproduced by permission; no further distribution. MSCI ESG Research is an independent provider of ESG data, reports and ratings based on published methodologies and is available to clients on a subscription basis.  MSCI receives subscription compensation from Riverbridge in connection with the above findings.  ESG Quality Score range is 0 – 10 and ESG Ratings range is CCC to AAA.  Please see the disclosures section for additional rating information.